Welcome to The Curry Orthodontics Blog!

Welcome to The Curry Orthodontics Blog!
Posted on 07/10/2015

Greetings and welcome to our blog! We love face time with our patients, but sometimes there’s simply more information to be communicated than can fit into an in-person appointment. Here, we hope to share helpful posts that discuss groundbreaking orthodontics practices, tips, and other useful information you can use at home. Be sure to check back often for the latest updates. Thank you for reading!

Who We Are

At Curry Orthodontics, we’re committed to helping our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles using the latest products and techniques. Dr. Michael Curry has been setting the standard in practice for over 30 years and counting with his expertise and experience. In fact, we’re proud to say that Dr. Curry has even been chosen by other dental professionals as a Super Dentist in Texas Monthly Magazine!

​Braces & Invisalign in Plano, TX

Whether we’re helping patients choose between braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign Teen, or discussing options for orthognathic surgery, we’ll always customize your treatment to match your budget and ideal outcome. Our services include:

  • Braces: Damon, clear, metal, Invisalign, and more for children, adolescents, and adults
  • Orthodontic Appliances: Palatal expanders, Herbst, forsus correctors, distal jets, tongue thrust appliances, quad helixes and more
  • Orthognathic Surgery: Full corrective jaw surgery treatments

Contact Our Office Today!

Can’t wait for the next blog post? We’d love to see your smile! To schedule an appointment with our orthodontist or to learn more about our services in Plano, TX, you can always contact us at (972) 596-2917. We look forward to hearing from you!