National Orthodontic Health Month

National Orthodontic Health Month
Posted on 10/13/2016

October is here, and there are plenty of reasons to love this month. Between the deluge of sweets, the ghouls and ghosts, and the legendary pumpkin spice latte, October is the first month that truly feels like fall, and that makes it one of our favorites out of the year. But there's another reason to love October you may not have heard yet: October is National Orthodontic Health Month! This makes it the perfect occasion to learn more about the importance of orthodontic treatment, and if you're thinking of pursuing treatment for yourself, there's never been a better time.

Straighter Teeth for a Better You

Orthodontic treatment comes with a host of benefits, but probably the most direct are related to your oral health. It turns out that crooked teeth give food and bacteria extra nooks and crannies to hide in, while straight teeth are significantly easier to keep clean. This means that straightening your teeth helps to protect them from acids, plaque, and bacteria, safeguarding your oral health for years aftenational orthodontic health monthr treatment.

But the real benefits of orthodontic treatment are psychological. A new smile brings a boost of happiness, confidence, and self-esteem that radiates through every area of your life. Think about it: how much easier to ace a presentation at work or be outgoing during a neighborhood block party, if you had a smile you were confident about showing off? The truth is that a new smile isn't just a new smile: it's a new you, and you'll feel the benefits for years.

Opt For Healthy Treats This Halloween Season

As orthodontists, we’re frightened to hear that more than 600 million pounds of candy is purchased in October alone. We understand sugary treats might taste good, but they can also pose a threat to your braces and brackets. Sugary candies and treats can also cause bacteria to wear away at your teeth’s enamel. Our favorite tasty sweet-treat alternatives include: smoothies, frozen & regular yogurt, Chex mix, dark chocolate dipped soft fruit & Jello. 

When choosing treats, think soft and creamy like thin mints and peanut butter cups versus hard and sticky. Remember to always brush after eating sugary treats! 

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Thanks to the advances that have been made in orthodontic technology, getting a new smile is easier than ever before. Modern braces are thinner, lighter, and more attractive ever, and new treatment alternatives like Invisalign mean no one even has to know you're straightening your teeth. If you'd like to find out more about orthodontic treatment or learn how it can reinvent your smile, we're here to help. Feel free to give us a call at 972-596-2917, or request a consultation online at our Plano, TX office. We'll walk you through all the benefits of orthodontic treatment and tell you how treatment can improve your own smile - and if you do decide to pursue treatment, you'll have a gorgeous new smile that will last you the rest of your life!