Types of Braces

Your smile is unique to you, and your orthodontic treatment should be as well! Thanks to improvements in technology, patients today have more options than ever when it comes to achieving perfect smiles. While traditional metal braces are still widely used, clear braces are becoming increasingly popular. That’s why at Curry Orthodontics, we offer many different braces options to best suit your needs. Read below to learn more about our treatment options.

girls smiling on grassMetal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional method of straightening teeth, and are most commonly thought of when people think of braces. Made of high-grade stainless steel, todays modern metal braces are smaller and more discreet, making them not only more attractive but also more comfortable than previous versions. If you’re looking for metal braces in Plano, Curry Orthodontics is the place for you! 

Damon® Braces

These innovative braces are similar to traditional metal braces with one big exception. Invented by Dr. Dwight Damon, Damon® braces use a sliding door technology that allows the archwire to sit within the bracket without the use of a rubber band or ligatures. This self-ligating technology allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket without the use of elastic or steel ties, which creates a smaller profile on the bracket as well as a quicker treatment time with less discomfort.

Damon® Clear™ Braces

Just like Damon metal braces, Damon Clear has the same comfort and low profile design only in a more aesthetically pleasing material. Unlike other clear or ceramic braces, Damon Clear has been designed to be much stronger and impervious to discoloration. This results in a crystal-clear appliance that exceeds expectations in both functionality and appearance. 


Dr. Curry is especially proud to provide Invisalign in Plano and its surrounding communities. The Invisalign System is a set of clear aligners that are custom made for your unique treatment. They are totally clear when on your teeth and nearly invisible. Because the aligners can be removed you will not have to change your routine when brushing and flossing. Invisalign is a great option for patients seeking an effective yet discreet method of straightening teeth. 

Invisalign® Teen

All of the advantages of Invisalign tailored for teens! Straighten your teeth without having to worry about the obvious appearance of metal braces. With Invisalign® Teen,  you get the same straightening aligners as you get with traditional Invisalign but with blue dots on the back of the aligners that disappear the more you wear them. This way parents know their teen is wearing their aligners.

For Quality Orthodontics in Plano TX, Look No Further!

With the innovations that have been brought into orthodontics it is easier than ever to achieve a straight, beautiful smile. No matter how minor or severe your condition is we promise to give you the happy healthy smile you deserve. If you are ready to transform your smile with braces in Plano, TX, call us or fill out an appointment request form today!